Why use skips?

Skips provide an easy, manageable way to dispose of your building, garden or other waste.
Dropped at your doorstep and picked up again when ready, it's a much more efficient way of getting rid of waste than trip after trip to the dump with a trailer.
Skips come in many sizes to suit your requirements and include walk-in type skips to keep the lifting at a minimum.

Home of Skips in Townsville

Sun City Skips are right at home here in Townsville and deliver skips to almost every corner of the city.

Townsville's Best Skips and Bins

Sun City Skips pride itself on service and delivery and our wide range of miniskips, skips and bins. With seven sizes, and plenty of stock, there's a skip to suit your needs. Get a quote now or give Dave & Trish a call to help you choose the right skips for your needs.

Same Day Skip Delivery

Need a skip now? We have plenty in stock and can arrange quick delivery of skips for all your waste needs. Just call us now.